Let’s face it… there is nothing more kiwi than good pie (meat pie for our international friends). But there is a difference between ‘just a pie’ and a ‘good pie’ these days, so we checked out a few of Selwyn’s best kept secret pie making extraordinaires.


Sheffield Pies
Fresh out of the oven at The Famous Sheffield Pie Shop

The Famous Sheffield Pie Shop

“Life’s good when there’s a pie in your hand”

Well we tend to agree. The Famous Sheffield Pie Shop employ local people, make everything on site with locally sourced ingredients and specialise just in pies! Located in Sheffield on State Highway 73, they are a must stop on your way to Arthur’s Pass or the West Coast (or Christchurch if you are coming the opposite direction). An interesting fact about Sheffield Pies – They use a different (secret recipe) pastry for the pie base to the top. The reason? They have so many people grabbing a pie on the go as they drive to the nearby ski fields or as they drive past in their trucks. They want to ensure their hot pie filling doesn’t spill out of the pastry case. Now that’s what we call road safety pies!

Our picks:

  • Peppered steak – It’s made with good amount of New York cut pepper: the real stuff!
  • Vegetarian – These guys won the best vegetarian pie a few years back, definitely worth a try!


Hororata Pie Cart
The Hororata Pie cart

Hororata’s Pies

Pies…. not just one. Hororata is home to TWO famous pies!

A crowd favourite at the Hororata Highland Games, the Hororata Pie features in the annual pie eating competition at the games each year. The pie caravan is a huge hit at the event and during the rest of the year, the Hororata Pies can be purchased from the petrol station in the township of Hororata. Proceeds from these pies are reinvested into the community via the Hororata Community Trust.

The Butchers Pie
The Butchers Pie

The other pie found in Hororata is The Butchers Pie. The Butchers Pie is very quickly getting a name for itself around Selwyn because it is in fact made by a butcher!

Jase Kupe; Owner and operator of The Hororata Village Bar and Cafe has gone from butcher to baker. His pies are uniquely flakey on the bottom and the top. Every single pie is made by hand with the best cuts of meat – how do they know? Because the butcher does it himself!

A variety of flavours are available including the ever popular Pork Belly and Apple sauce. But be in quick as this one often sells out super fast.

Our picks:

  • The Butchers Breaky Pie – Filled with bacon, egg, cheese, onion, kranskie and baked beans… it’s breaky in a pie!


Perfectly delicious potato top pies

Rolleston Bakery

A little known bakery in the heart of Rolleston is where you will find an in-house pie competition! That’s right, their bakers compete with each other to create the best flake in their pastry.

They reckon the secret to a good pie is baking them fresh and selling them fresh. Combined with their own secret pie filling, drop in to grab a pie for one, or take home a large pie for the family.

Our Picks:

  • Potato top – Topped just before they are baked for that creamy, smooth and soft mashed potato topping
Pies for the whole family

Darfield Bakery

The Darfield Bakery is a destination in it’s own right. People go to Darfield (a town 30 minutes from Christchurch on State Highway 73) because of the bakery, often not for any other reason!

These guys have all the staple pie varieties: Mince, Steak and Cheese, etc. But, they have been introducing new flavours every now and again to see how they go… and some have stuck (see our picks).

Daryl, the owner and chef reckons it’s not just the quality cuts of meat that make their pies the best, the most important ingredient in their pie is their friendly, country hospitality and service.

Our Picks:

  • Lambs fry and bacon – Introduced as a temporary flavour, this one has been a real hit! And that’s about as kiwi as you can get in a pie


Gourmet pies are best tucked into with a knife and fork

Hillyers of Lincoln

In 1967 Bert and Irene Hillyer stared a small bakery in the township of Lincoln. Although Irene has since passed away and Hillyers of Lincoln has changed hands, Irene’s original pie recipes are still the the heart of Hillyers bakery and their pies that became so well known for their range of flavours and delicious taste.

Hillyers Pies are available not only in Lincoln, but also from the Hillyers Cafe in the main street of Leeston. While you’re there, grab an award winning rhubarb and custard pie for pudding.

Our picks:

  • Butter chicken – New Zealand’s favourite indian takeaway, all wrapped up in pastry – Yum!